Areas of Focus

Our Specialized Areas of Focus

National Branded Television Product

Private Product Development and Sourcing/Direct Import

National Brands for Focused Distribution

As Seen on TV

Custom Brands for Retail

Bringing on-brand personalities and titles you to life in the retail space, both brick and mortar and examples include, Southern Living, Calvin Klein, Hamilton Beach, Fleischer and Wolf and many others we are here to create & curate an assortment to fit your branding and merchandising appetite.

Live TV

And in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1- We’re LIVE! There is no greater thrill than selling your brand on LIVE TV. Working with key retailers in the space, HSN & QVC, we manage your brand from top to bottom. Whether you’re a celebrity chef like Robert Irvine or a proprietary brand like Safe T Grip, there is no brand too big or small!

Direct to Consumer

No store, no problem! Have you heard of this retailer called.. Amazon? Yup, that’s right, we can develop, source & ship your product out directly to your consumer or create custom DTC brands like Cook Squad.

As Seen

Through a one of a kind joint venture with A&E Network/History Cricket created the immensely successful ASOTV driven national brand of Forged In Fire. Cricket principals have created major ASOTV successes such as the Original Ginzu 20009 knives, One Touch openers and Triple Edge Wiper Blades among others.

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